Smokin' lucite! Rare pieces by Charles Hollis Jones

We’re excited to have found some wonderful, unusual pieces by Charles Hollis Jones, one of our favorite designers, whose work in the 1970s epitomized the era’s modern glamour. Think acrylic, chrome, polished brass, glass.

We’re offering 16 of his smoked-acrylic dining chairs—they’re just stunning, with open backs and seats in original burgundy upholstery and chunky bent legs of thick square plastic, all connected with beautiful bronze hardware. We’ve seen a lot of these chairs available with clear acrylic and chrome hardware, but we haven’t before encountered any in this smoked-and-bronze scheme. To add to the rarity, it’s unusual to find such a large set of dining chairs. Though we’re willing to break them up, we hope someone will surround a humongous table with the majority—or all—of them.

The chairs also would perfectly pair with another Charles Hollis Jones design we’re offering, the ridiculously cool “Le Dome” dining table, executed in the same seductive shade of smoky plastic. The table's base is extraordinary—a single, solid piece of cast acrylic material that provides rock-solid stability for the thick, round, smooth acrylic top. The designer and his manufacturing partner, Swedlow Plastics, which made parts for the aviation industry, experimented extensively before finalizing the design of this amazing table. The ribbed base incorporates a large piece of hardware to accept a single bolt that holds the top in place. A heavy bronze cap in the center of the table covers the connecting hardware, giving the illusion that the top magically balances on the base. It’s a sight to behold.